Arcadia Prep's LSAT Course

Arcadia Prep's LSAT Course: The LSAT, in bite-size chunks

     We've taken all of the LSAT tests released since 1991, broken them down by question type, and made them accessible anywhere you can bring an iPhone or iPad. The Arcadia App allows you to master every question type seen on the LSAT, at your pace and convenience.

Exercise Sets, Lesson Sets, Practice Sets, Complete Sections:

     Our course features four types of Question Set: Exercise Sets, Lesson Sets, Practice Sets, and Complete Sections.

     The Exercise Sets are like spring training or boot camp. They're designed to help you develop the core skills you'll need to tackle the LSAT. They each feature a mini-lesson on a specific concept, followed by a series of questions that drill you on that concept. We currently have five Exercise Sets available, and you can expect more soon.

     The Lesson Sets are designed to build the LSAT-specific skills necessary to get you to the top of your game. Lesson Sets employ "Reduce" buttons to simplify the passage or game. Most questions feature multiple levels of reduction, each of which allows you to get closer to the logical framework upon which all LSAT questions are based. Currently, we have Lesson Sets available for the Logical Reasoning and Logic Games sections. Reading Comprehension Lesson Sets are coming soon.

     Practice Sets are the key to mastery. They are broken up by question type, and feature either 12 or 25 questions. The optimal strategy?: Start with to the LR section and pick a question type (we recommend you start with "Main Point" questions). Complete the Lesson Set so that you understand how questions of that type should be approached. Then hit the Practice Sets until you're Bobby Fischer-good at that question type. Move on to the next question type. 

     Complete Sections are taken directly from recently administered LSATs. These will give you an opportunity to assess where your strengths and weaknesses are. Once you've determined where you're weak, you'll know which Practice Sets to focus on.  


The Breakdown, by Question/Passage Type:

     Logical Reasoning (LR) - 12 Question Types Total*:

          1. "Main Point" Questions

          2. "Disagree/Agree" Questions

          3. "Stronger" Questions

          4. "Weaker" Questions

          5. "Resolve/Explain" Questions

          6. "Drawing Conclusions" Questions

          7. “Necessary Premise” Questions

          8. "Method/Function" Questions

          9. "Flawed Reasoning" Questions 

          10. "Illustrating/Identifying Principles" Questions

          11. "Parallel Structure" Questions

          12. "Parallel Flaw" Questions

     Logical Reasoning (LG) - 5 Game Types Total*:

          1. "Sequencing" Games

          2. "Grouping" Games

          3. "Assignment" Games

          4. "Sequential Assignment" Games

          5. "Spatial" Games

     Reading Comprehension (RC) - 5 Game Types Total:

          1. "Law" Passages

          2. "History & Humanities" Passages

          3. "Government & Economics" Passages

          4. "Science & Technology" Passages

          5. "Art & Literature" Passages

          6. "Comparative Reading" Passages


     *Note that some LR Question Types and LG Game Types have subsections. In order to truly master a Question Type or Game Type, you'll need to master each sub-section.

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