About the MCAT

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a 5.5-hour test, consisting of 4 sections: Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and a Writing Sample.

What is the format of the MCAT?

Section Number of Questions Length
Verbal Reasoning 40 60 minutes
Physical Sciences 52 70 minutes
Biological Sciences 52 70 minutes
Writing Sample 2 thirty-minute essays 60 minutes

How is the MCAT scored?

Each MCAT section is assigned a numerical score from 1 to 15, with 15 being the highest. The essays are assigned a letter score from J to T, with T being the highest. You will receive your scores by first-class mail in approximately 60 days after the test date.

Section Average Score Good Score Top Score
Verbal Reasoning 8.6 10-11 12+
Physical Sciences 8.8 10-11 12+
Biological Sciences 9.1 10-11 12+
Writing N Q S+

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