The main idea of the passage is that
(A)Olympic mythology evolved from ancient rituals and gave rise to early philosophy
*This question is included in Nova Reading A: Types of Questions and Passages 1, question #1

The solution is

Posted: 12/25/2011 11:45
I don't understand how b was the answer. I thought it was more of a detail.
Posted: 12/27/2011 12:53
Same here,,I think it's A!so confused...
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Posted: 12/28/2011 16:33
Maleny, Jade, have you reviewed the solution in the app? It does explain the answer very well. Most main idea questions are easy, but this one is pretty difficult.
Posted: 01/13/2012 10:18
I speak to lengthens and I don't think I would understand this. Never.
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Posted: 01/13/2012 12:15
Melvin, "All authors have a point they want to make in their writing." -> "I don't think I would understand this. Never."
If I would support your 'main idea' it would be foolish for me to reply ;)

You could have written a much longer piece (with arguments, different perspectives) while keeping your 'main idea'.

If you would make up a story like this:

I like vanilla milkshakes and went on vacation last summer.
When I got a flat tire, Obama made the news trying to ride a rodeo.
On winters coldest day, the bear came out, stretched its parts, yawned and dropped dead in front of my uncles garden chair.
The ferris wheel kept on turning while our Dean at school kept my brother hostage.

I could continue this 'story', but as you might have noticed there's no main idea, there's no correlation between the statements, there's no 'red line', the author does describe things but not as a toolset, a fundament to describe/set/make/build the main point/idea.

I so much hope this helps :)
Posted: 01/24/2012 09:59
Can someone please explain what descriptive questions are about? Thanks!
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Posted: 01/24/2012 11:25
Jackie, if you have or download the SAT app, section 'Critical Reading', set (Basic) Nova Reading A - Six question Types 1
Question 2 offers an explanation about 'descriptive questions', prior to the actual question, if you have any further questions, please try to be as specific as possible.


Beware either the question or answer is wrong!
The question is what DOES stimulate etc, which is I and II.
The 'correct' answer supplied belongs to the question 'which DOESN'T stimulate violent behavior etc.'
Posted: 07/04/2012 19:06
I honestly thought that b looked like a detail in the passage; how can it be the main idea? The main idea is supposed to be not too specific.
Posted: 08/21/2012 14:36
I agree
Posted: 08/21/2012 14:34
I don't reallyunderstand I chose this answer because I guessed it but the answer is not clear to me
Posted: 09/07/2012 20:33
All, why is the answer B: early moves toward viewing nature as ordered by divine and universal law coincided with monotheistic impulses and the disintegration of classical mythology. The main idea is in the final paragraph, which is restated and summarized in B. Here is how it breaks down:

"In classical times ... Aeschylus, Sophocles and Plato finally evolved from the pleasant but crude polytheism the idea of a single, supreme and righteous Zeus." >>> monotheistic impulses

"But the decay of Olympus ..." >> the disintegration of classical mythology

" ... led to a revival of old and the invasion of new magic cults among the people, while some philosophers were looking to a vision of the uniformity of nature under divine and universal law." >> early moves toward viewing nature as ordered by divine and universal law
Posted: 12/03/2012 09:09
I don't think B is the correct answer. The option A may is the right one. At the describe after I choose A ,there are little words to explain why is B, I agree what you say about what is the totally saying of the passage. But the A is also describe the main idea of the passage. Can you use more reason to explain the option B to me? My email is momo9619@me.com , thanks!!!!
Posted: 09/04/2014 06:47
I do not really understand this, although I made the correct answer .

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